Tryon Road (SR1009) between Lake Wheeler Road and US 70-401 is in desperate need of repair, widening and realignment to better serve the Southwest Raleigh community. This section of Tryon Road has become a major thoroughfare not only for the citizens of Raleigh but also for the adjoining communities of Garner and Cary.

In 1999 it was identified as "severely limited, especially at peak commuting times when there is an extensive wait for traffic entering" (Tim Clark, Senior Planner in a memo to the Wake County Planning Board). The situation has been addressed in some areas between Raleigh and Cary but, unfortunately, has not connected to the much needed areas of Southwest Raleigh.

In 2007, with the creation of the Renaissance Park Community, Tryon Road was given a planned realignment to meet the needs of the new 1000 home master planned community. The need for expansion has risen significantly since the community started and a road that once saw moderate traffic is beginning to see heavy traffic and an increase in incidents, accidents and delays as a result.

In addition, Bridge 259, located on this narrow section of Tyron sits in the bend of the road and is a "functionally obsolete" bridge that was never intended to serve the over 11,000 vehicles that cross it daily. The bridge was built in 1936 it is currently on the AAA of the Carolina's NC Substandard Bridges list (released January 7, 2010).

We believe that the widening of Tryon Road, addition of sidewalks, the realignment through Renaissance Park and the subsequent replacement of Bridge 259 will have an overwhelming positive impact on the traffic between the Raleigh, Garner and Cary communities. We also feel that this project will have a significant impact on the area's economy by making existing retail more readily accessible and by giving more areas the ability to support retail outlets.

We hope you will take the time to add your name to the petition below. Together we can not only realign a road but we can make Southwest Raleigh safer and more accessible to everyone.

As of 605 people have signed this petition reflecting their care and concern over
making the Tryon Road Realignment a priority in our community.

If you agree that this should be a priority for the future of Southwest Raleigh - please add your name to our list.

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